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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (3): 135-140.

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  1. 南京工业大学机械与动力工程学院;南京工程学院先进制造技术工程中心
  • 发布日期:2011-02-05

Dynamic Characteristics of Feed System for Large-scale Machine Tool Remanufacturing

DING Wenzheng;HUANG Xiaodiao;WANG Mulan   

  1. College of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Center, Nanjing Institute of Technology
  • Published:2011-02-05

摘要: 大型机床进给系统的再制造必须考虑大型部件的空间分布特性对进给系统动态响应的影响。针对某大型铣齿机床,采用分布参数建模方法描述细长滚珠丝杠副的传递子系统,采用集中参数建模方法描述交流伺服驱动子系统和工作台驱动子系统,并通过转速关系将3个子系统耦合起来,形成进给系统的分布集中参数模型。通过理论模型仿真与试验结果比较,证明建立的分布集中参数模型符合物理系统的真实性,能够准确地描述大型机床进给系统的动态响应特性。在此基础上进一步讨论不同分布特性影响下,分布集中参数模型和单纯集中参数模型动态响应的变化,结果表明,两种模型的动态响应差异会随着系统惯量的变化而改变,这为大型机床进给系统的设计、控制提供了参考依据。

关键词: 大型机床, 动态响应, 分布参数, 再制造

Abstract: The space distribution characteristics of large components affect the dynamic response of a feed system, which must be considered in remanufacturing large-scale machine tools. Aiming at a large milling machine, distributed parameter modeling method is used to describe the transfer subsystem of a slender ball screw, and lumped parameter modeling moethod to describe an AC servo subsystem and a worktable drive subsystem, then a distributed-lumped model of a feed system is formed by coupling the three subsystems through rotational speed relations. Comparisons between simulation results and experimental results prove that the distributed-lumped model coincides with the physical system, and the dynamic characteristics of the large machine-tool feed system can be accurately described. The dynamic responses of distributed-lumped model and pure lumped model under different distributed characteristics are discussed, and the results indicate that dynamic response differences between two models will change with the variations of system inertias, which provides a scientific basis for the design and control of large-scale machine tools

Key words: Distributed parameters, Dynamic response, Large-scale machine tool, Remanufacturing