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  1. 空军工程大学工程学院
  • 发布日期:2012-04-20

Study on Calculating Stress Intensity Factor for Unsymmetrical Tapered Lug

WU Liming;HE Yuting;ZHANG Teng;ZHANG Haiwei   

  1. Engineering Institute, Air Force Engineering University
  • Published:2012-04-20

摘要: 运用ANSYS软件建立非对称斜耳片受纵向拉载的平面有限元计算模型,在耳孔面上施加符合真实受载情况的余弦分布载荷;通过分析耳片量纲一裂纹长度a/R1、外内径比R2/R1、耳孔内径R1、裂纹斜切角β1和β2等参数对应力强度因子值的影响规律,拟合得到非对称斜耳片受纵向拉载的耳孔单边穿透裂纹尖端应力强度因子表达式;开展含不同孔边裂纹长度的非对称斜耳片剩余强度试验,将采用此方法计算得到的各试验件断裂时的临界应力强度因子值与试验数据进行对比,结果表明,拟合得到的应力强度因子表达式具有较高的计算精度;此计算方法同样适用于其他形式耳片结构,从而为工程上对飞机典型耳片结构的损伤容限设计与评估工作提供参考。

关键词: 非对称斜耳片, 损伤容限设计, 应力强度因子, 有限元法, 余弦分布载荷

Abstract: The finite element model of the unsymmetrical tapered lug is built by using the finite element software ANSYS, the cosine-distributed load that is accordant with the practical situation, is applied on the hole as the boundary conditions. The stress intensity factor (SIF) expression of the symmetric tapered lug with a through crack along the hole is fitted by studying the effect of the dimensionless crack length (a/R1), the ratio of outer radius to inside radius (R2/R1) and the inside radius (R1) on SIF value. The result is validated by the corresponding residual strength test. The method can be used for solving stress intensity factors of lugs or similarity structures with different shapes, it provides a reference for damage tolerance design and assess of typical lugs structural in engineering.

Key words: Attachment lug, Cosine-distributed load, Damage tolerance design, Finite element method, Stress intensity factor