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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 1989, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (2): 93-97.

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  1. 天津大学
  • 发布日期:1989-03-01


Peng Shangxian;Wang Gang   

  1. Tianjin University
  • Published:1989-03-01

摘要: 本文主要讨论了具有球腕式结构的机器人动力学模拟。文中结合六自由度仿人操作手,提出了用系统分解法进行运动反解。以凯恩方程为基础建立机器人动力学模型。

关键词: 动力学, 动力学模拟, 机构学, 机器人

Abstract: In this paper, we present the simulation of dynamics of a robot with a spherical wrist. The simulation of robot dynamics is concerned with the trajectory programming, the solution of inverse problem of kinematics and the dynamic equations of robot. For a six-d. o. f. anthropomorphic manipulator, we use the method of parting system to solve the inverse problem of kinematics, and present a method of constructing mathematical models of robot dynamics by using Kane’s dynamics. In ;constructing the dynamic models, the advantage of recurrence by using Newton’s method is presered. These algorithms are very simple and efficient for computer programming and calculating.

Key words: 动力学, 动力学模拟, 机构学, 机器人