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›› 2013, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (18): 144-149.

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  1. 西北工业大学航海学院
  • 发布日期:2013-09-20

Numerical Simulations of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Controllable Blades

TIAN Wenlong;SONG Baowei;MAO Zhaoyong   

  1. College of Marine Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Published:2013-09-20

摘要: 合理开发利用风能是缓解当前化石能源危机的一个重要途径。提出一种垂直轴式活动叶片风机叶轮的设计方案,叶轮上安装多枚直板型活动叶片,叶片在绕安装轴公转的同时绕自身安装轴自转。为探索该叶轮的工作机理,研究其自启动性能和不同旋转速度下的发电特性,采用滑移网格技术对叶轮进行二维定常和非定常数值流体计算,分析其工作环境下的压力场和速度场的基本特点。计算结果表明:该叶轮具有良好的自启动性能,其平均静态力矩系数为1.09;叶轮在速比系数时获得最大功率系数0.449,约为Savonius叶轮最大功率系数的2倍。

关键词: 垂直轴, 风机叶轮, 滑移网格, 活动叶片, 计算流体力学

Abstract: Wind power gives us non-polluting alternative to reduce the exploration of conventional fossil fuels. A novel vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) has been developed that consists of several controllable plat blades. A computational investigation of the output characteristics of the VAWT has been conducted using the commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code ANSYS 13.0. A validation study was performed using a Savonius turbine and good agreement is obtained with experimental data. Both fixed and rotating two-dimensional CFD simulations are conducted to further investigate the performance of the VAWT. Steady simulations have demonstrated that the VAWT has good self-starting ability with an averaged static torque coefficient of 1.09. The predicted maximum averaged power coefficient is 0.449, which is nearly 2 times of the Savonius turbine.

Key words: Computational fluid dynamics, Controllable blade, Sliding mesh, Vertical axis wind turbine, Wind turbine