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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 234-238.

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王勇; 王宝   

  1. 太原理工大学焊接材料研究所;中北大学焊接材料技术中心
  • 发布日期:2008-04-15

Evaluation Method of Usability of the Flux-cored Wire in CO2 Arc Welding

WANG Yong;WANG Bao   

  1. Institute of Welding Materials, Taiyuan University of Technology Training Center of Welding Consumables Technology, North University of China
  • Published:2008-04-15

摘要: CO2气保护药芯焊丝熔滴行为对药芯焊丝工艺性有直接的影响,不同的熔滴行为可间接反映在焊接过程电信号的变化中。利用汉诺威弧焊分析仪对CO2气保护药芯焊丝的焊接电参数进行测试分析,提取短路大电流概率密度和、短路过渡频率、瞬时短路频率以及瞬时短路时间和等与药芯焊丝工艺性紧密相联的4个特征信息。然后,采用主成分分析法确定药芯焊丝工艺性评价指数,对药芯焊丝工艺性进行定量化评价,从而为科学评价药芯焊丝工艺性提供了新方法。

关键词: 焊丝工艺性, 评价方法, 熔滴过渡, 药芯焊丝, 主成分分析

Abstract: Metal transfer behaviors of the flux-cored wire in CO2 arc welding have a direct effect on usability of the flux-cored wire. These behaviors are indirectly showed in welding electric signals. Using the ANALYSATOR HANNOVER, welding electric parameters of the flux-cored wires in CO2 arc welding are measured and analyzed. Four characteristic information values closely correlated with usability of the flux-cored wire are extracted, such as the sum of probability density of big short-circuiting current, frequency of short-circuiting transfer, frequency of brief short circuit and the sum of brief short-circuiting time, and then method of principal component analysis is applied to determining evaluation index of usability of the flux-cored wire. Usability of the flux-cored wire is quantitatively evaluated. Thereby it offers a new method for scientifically evaluating usability of the flux-cored wire.

Key words: Evaluation method, Flux-cored wire, Metal transfer, Principal component analysis, Usability of the flux-cored wire