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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 184-188.

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  1. 西南交通大学牵引动力国家重点实验室
  • 发布日期:2008-04-15

Hunting Stability Analysis of Train System and Comparison with Single Vehicle Model

LUO Ren;ZENG Jing   

  1. Traction Power State Key Laboratory, Southwest Jiaotong University
  • Published:2008-04-15

摘要: 建立拖车和动车的横-垂-纵向耦合动力学模型,考虑车间连接装置,组成三种列车编组。基于Hopf分叉和Poincare映射理论,采用数值积分方法研究列车编组中每辆车和列车整体的线性和非线性运动稳定性。仿真结果表明,直线轨道上列车中各车辆和相同参数单车的非线性临界速度相差不大;曲线轨道上列车的非线性临界速度比直线上低;列车编组方式对临界速度影响不大;车间横向连接阻尼和刚度对列车线性和非线性临界速度影响不大。研究直线和大半径曲线轨道上列车系统临界速度时,无论列车中各车辆的参数是否相同,列车的线性和非线性临界速度可以通过计算单车的最低线性和非线性临界速度分别近似得到。

关键词: Hopf分叉, 动车组, 临界速度, 蛇行稳定性

Abstract: The three dimensional dynamic models of trailer car and motor car are set up, and then the train dynamic model for three train formation is constructed by considering the coupler devices between cars. Based on the first order approximation theory of the ordinary differential equations and Hopf bifurcation theory and Poincare map, the linear and nonlinear hunting stability of each car, and the whole train system are studied in the case of operating on straight and large radius curved track by numerical method. The numerical results show that there is little difference for the nonlinear critical speed between the train model and a single car model on straight track. The nonlinear critical speed on curved track is lower than on straight track. The type of train formation and the damping and stiffness values in the considered range has not much influence on the train critical speeds. Therefore, no matter the cars in the trainset have same parameters or not, the linear and nonlinear critical speeds of the train system can be approximately described by the car among the trainset with lowest linear and nonlinear critical speeds.

Key words: Critical speed, Hopf bifurcation, Hunting stability, Powered trainset