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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2007, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (12): 97-102.

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  1. 武汉科技大学机械自动化学院;哈尔滨工业大学机电工程学院
  • 发布日期:2007-12-15


ZHAO Hui;ZHANG Hui;ZHANG Shangying;HAN Junwei   

  1. School of Mechanical Automation, Wuhan University of Science & Technology School of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Published:2007-12-15

摘要: 研究μ理论在柔顺力控制系统中的应用。为模拟空间对接强制校正阶段的推出和拉近过程,提出基于6自由度并联机器人位置内环的柔顺力控制策略。描述基于位置内环的柔顺力控制系统串级控制结构,阐述用经典控制策略实现柔顺力控制的方法。综合考虑参数变化、模型变动和外来干扰等不确定性,利用μ综合控制理论设计鲁棒力控制器。给出鲁棒力控制系统回路中加权函数的详细选取方法和鲁棒力控制器的设计过程。通过μ分析比较鲁棒力控制器和经典力控制器的鲁棒稳定性和鲁棒性能。通过鲁棒力控制器和经典力控制器进行柔顺力控制试验,结果表明了所设计鲁棒力控制器的有效性和优越性。

关键词: μ分析, μ综合, 并联机器人, 不确定性, 鲁棒, 柔顺力控制

Abstract: Application of μ theory in compliant force control system is studied. Compliant force control strategy is developed based on the inner loop position control of 6-DOF parallel robot in order to simulate pushing and pulling procedure of forcible alignment of space docking. The cascade structure of “out-force-loop containing inner-position-loop” is depicted, and the method is set forth using classical control strategy to realize compliant force control. Considering uncertainties such as parameter perturbations, model perturbations and external disturbances, etc, robust force controller is designed using μ synthesis theory. It is listed in detail that the selection method of weighting functions in robust compliant force control loop and the designing procedure of robust force controller. Robust stability and robust performance are compared between robust force controller and classical force controllers by μ analysis. Experiment of robust force controller and classical force controllers is presented. The results indicate that the designed robust force controller is of efficiency and superiority.

Key words: Compliance force control, Parallel robot, Robust, Uncertainty, μ analysis, μ synthesis