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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2007, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (2): 173-177.

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  1. 重庆大学光电工程学院;国家农业部水泵质量监督检验测试中心
  • 发布日期:2007-02-15


YANG Yi;PAN Yingjun;JIN Cheng   

  1. Optoelectronic Engineering College, Chongqing University Water Pump Quality Supervision and Assessment Center of Agriculture Ministry of China
  • Published:2007-02-15

摘要: 潜水电泵是量大面广的通用泵,对整机而言是可修复的。采用可维修的随机故障过程理论,通过大量的台架试验和现场试验,应用可靠性理论对试验数据进行统计分析,指出潜水电泵寿命分布的规律性,即潜水电泵在整个寿命期内,其故障分布函数为威布尔分布,在0~600 h期间,属于早期故障,600~3 200 h期间为偶然故障阶段,3 200 h以上为耗损故障期。潜水电泵经过充分磨合后,在偶然故障阶段,故障过程符合平稳的泊松过程,可用指数分布来描述其故障率。对于未经磨合的潜水电泵,其整个寿命期内的故障过程可用威布尔分布来描述。试验结果表明,提高潜水电泵寿命的关键是提高机械密封、保护器的质量水平。研究结果对潜水电泵的可靠性考核和可靠性设计具有重要的应用价值。

关键词: 故障分布, 潜水电泵, 试验

Abstract: A lot of data obtained from laboratory test and spot test are analyzed, by applying the theory of the fault process in a maintainable system. The life distribution rules of the reliability data for submersible motor-pump have been presented and proved. The failure distribution of submersible motor-pumps accords with Weibull distribution in their whole life. The fail-ures belong to early failures when the use time of submersible motor-pumps is less than 600 h. The failures remain with ran-dom failures when the use time is more than 600 h but is less than 3 200 h. And the failures belong to wear-out-failures when the use time is more than 3 200 h. If the submersible mo-tor-pump is fully milled, the failure can be analyzed with ex-ponential distribution, or it should be analyzed with Weibull distribution. The test results show that the primary measure-ments that quality of submersible motor-pump is improved are to improve the quality of mechanical seal sets and safeguards. At the same time, the search shows practical value in reliability assessment and reliability design.

Key words: Failure distribution, Submersible motor-pump, Test