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›› 2014, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (16): 47-53.

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  1. 中国北方发动机研究所柴油机增压技术重点实验室;天津;300400
  • 发布日期:2014-08-20

Method for Calculating the B10 Reliable Life of Mechanical Components of Vehicle Engine Based on the Stress-strength Interference

WANG Zheng;WANG Zengquan   

  1. National Key Laboratory of Diesel Engine Turbocharging Technology, China North Engine Research Institute
  • Published:2014-08-20

摘要: 针对车用发动机机械零部件在设计阶段的B10可靠寿命计算问题,分析车用发动机机械零部件的特点及其寿命建模方法,研究基于应力-强度干涉的车用发动机机械零部件失效行为表达方法;以车辆行驶里程为寿命度量指标,建立车用发动机机械零部件的B10可靠寿命计算模型,推导机械零部件的可靠度函数、失效率函数、寿命累积分布函数和寿命概率密度函数以及平均失效里程(Mean kilometer to failure, MKTF)计算模型。研究表明,运用建立的方法及模型,能够结合车用发动机的工作剖面,利用零部件的应力、强度等参数,计算出车用发动机机械零部件的B10可靠寿命、可靠度与失效率随寿命变化规律、寿命概率分布特征以及平均失效里程,可以更好地指导发动机机械零部件的设计、试验、使用等。

关键词: 车用发动机;机械零部件;B10可靠寿命;平均失效里程;可靠性;失效率

Abstract: For the problem of B10 reliable life calculation of mechanical components of vehicle engine in the development stage, the characteristics of mechanical components of vehicle engine and the existing life modeling methods are analyzed. Based on the stress-strength interference theory, the failure behavior description method for mechanical components of vehicle engine is studied. With the road haul as the life parameter, the model of B10 reliable life of mechanical components of vehicle engine is derived, and the models of reliability, failure rate and mean kilometer to failure(MKTF) and the cumulative distribution function and probability density function of life, are also developed, respectively. According to the operating profile of vehicle engine and based on the parameters of mechanical components including stress, strength, and so on, the B10 reliable life of mechanical components of vehicle engine can be calculated with the models proposed, and the rules that the reliability and failure rate changes, the life probabilistic characteristics and the MKTF of mechanical components of vehicle engine can be determined, too. The method developed is helpful for directing the design, test, operation and maintenance of mechanical components of vehicle engine.

Key words: vehicle engine;mechanical components;B10 reliable life;mean kilometer to failure(MKTF);reliability;failure rate