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›› 2014, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (16): 41-46.

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  1. 河北工业大学电气工程学院
  • 发布日期:2014-08-20

Lifetime Evaluation Approach Based on Initial Information of Components

LI Zhigang;ZHANG Feifei;LI Lingling   

  1. School of Electrical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology
  • Published:2014-08-20

摘要: 元器件是机电系统中的薄弱环节之一,所以评估元器件个体的使用寿命对提高整个系统的使用可靠性具有重要意义。针对初始信息能够反映产品内在缺陷的元器件,提出用初始信息对元器件个体寿命进行评估的方法。将处理后的产品初始信息进行聚类分析,并在定义性能评价指标的基础上,得到各样本的性能指标。建立各类性能评价指标与寿命的数学关系模型。判别待测样本属于哪一类,并将其评价指标代入所属类的关系模型,从而得到产品个体的寿命评估值。以继电器接触电阻为例证实该方法是有效可行的。

关键词: 初始信息;寿命;评估;聚类分析;关系模型

Abstract: Components are one of weakness in electromechanical system, and the evaluation of its service lifetime is significant to improve application reliability of the overall system. For the components of which initial information can reflect its inherent defect, an approach is proposed to evaluate the lifetime of the components based on its initial information. Cluster analysis is taken to process the data which is obtained by concentrating the initial information of components. Based on the definition of performance evaluation index (PEI), the PEI of each sample is calculated. The relation model between the PEI and lifetime of components is set up in different types of sample-sets. Then, it is determined that what type of sample-set a new sample belongs to. For the new sample, its lifetime assessment is generated by evaluating the relation model of sample-set which it belongs to for its PEI. Taking contact resistance of relay as an example, it is confirmed that the proposed method is feasible and effective.

Key words: initial information;lifetime;evaluation;cluster analysis;relational model