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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2013, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (18): 78-84.

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  1. 北京科技大学机械工程学院;;鞍钢股份有限公司
  • 发布日期:2013-09-20

3D Location of Acoustic Emission to Roll Cracks Based on Information Entropy

LU Qiaoqiao;LI Min;WANG Xiaojing;XU Jinwu   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing Angang Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Published:2013-09-20

摘要: 在平整机的轧制过程中,轧辊表面承受巨大的接触应力、交变应力和摩擦力作用,易产生裂纹。在复杂载荷的作用下,裂纹会成为疲劳核心,其尖端的应力急剧增加并导致裂纹扩展,严重时会造成断辊事故发生。同时,裂纹的不断扩展伴随着应力波的释放,产生声发射(Acoustic emission, AE)现象。利用声发射技术对平整机轧辊裂纹进行定位,不需要全辊身进行逐点扫描,检测效率高,实时性好。针对平整机轧辊的声发射三维定位中存在的定位“多源性”干扰问题,提出基于信息熵的轧辊裂纹声发射三维定位方法。利用信息熵对声发射参数进行权重的量化,进而获得评价轧辊状态的综合指标;根据正常辊综合指标的分布,确定干扰源的指标范围;利用此范围将裂纹辊中的干扰源有效剔除,进而提高裂纹辊的定位精度。利用该方法对某钢厂冷轧平整机的正常辊和裂纹辊的试验数据进行分析,处理前后的结果验证了方法的有效性,为准确及时地检测出裂纹的位置信息、保证轧辊的安全生产提供有力的数据支持。

关键词: 三维定位, 声发射, 信息熵, 轧辊裂纹

Abstract: In the rolling process of the temper mill, the roll surface is always subjected to the huge contact stress, alternating stress and friction. It results in some cracks easily. Under the impact of the complex force, the cracks turn into the core of fatigue. In this way, the stress of the cracks tip increases sharply and leads to crack-propagation. It even results in the roll breakage and brings about production accident in severe cases. Meanwhile, the cracks grow with the rapid releasing of strain wave, which causes the phenomena of acoustic emission(AE). So the acoustic emission technology is adopted to locate the cracks in the roll of temper mill. The advantage of the technology is that cracks are located without point by point scanning and this technology is a high efficiency test and has good real-time performance. According to the “multi-sources” in 3D location of the roll, the information entropy is proposed to calculate the score according to the acoustic emission parameters. Then the composite indicator is obtained to evaluate the normal state of the roll and the range of the interference sources’ composite indicator is confirmed. Interference sources of the roll with cracks are efficiently rejected using this range, therefore the location accuracy of the roll cracks is improved. The experimental data of the normal roll and the roll with cracks in the temper mill of cold rolling in a steel factory is analyzed. The location result is compared with the original result, which shows that the method is effective to detect the location information of the cracks accurately and timely and provide strong support for the safety in production of the roll.

Key words: 3D location, Acoustic emission, Crack in the roll, Information entropy