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›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (24): 8-14.

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  1. 天津大学装备设计与制造技术天津市重点实验室
  • 发布日期:2011-12-20

Research on Sampling Points Distribution Strategy for Complex Curved Surfaces in Dispersed Data Environment

ZHENG Huijiang;HE Gaiyun;DING Baihui   

  1. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology,Tianjin University
  • Published:2011-12-20

摘要: 根据采样策略进行采样点的选择和布局,是对复杂曲面加工质量进行检测轨迹规划的重要内容之一。针对一般曲面采样点布局算法用于离散数据环境下复杂曲面测点布局存在的局限性,通过分析离散数据环境下复杂曲面数据的特点,引入局部网格曲率特性参数,构建基于三角面片微分几何特性的网格简化方法,从而提出基于网格简化的复杂曲面离散数据检测点布局策略,并建立不同层次网格之间距离值相对于简化三角形数量的拟合曲线方程,验证曲率权值优化方法在离散数据环境下对提高复杂曲面采样点布局精度的有效性。

关键词: 复杂空间型面检测, 检测点布局策略, 离散数据, 曲率权值优化, 三角网格简化

Abstract: It is an important content of inspection path planning for the inspection in the processing quality of complex curved surfaces that the selection and distribution of sampling points according to the sampling strategy. Aiming at the limitation of ordinary sampling point distribution algorithms for that of complex curved surfaces in dispersed data environment, the characteristics of the data of complex curved surfaces in dispersed data environment are analyzed and the curvature characteristic parameters of local grid are introduced to construct the method of mesh simplication based on the differential geometric properties of triangles. On the basis of this, the sampling distribution strategy of complex curved surfaces based on triangle mesh simplication is proposed. The fitting curve equation of the distance value between the different levels of grids relative to the count of simplified triangles is established. The effectivity of curvature weights optimization in improving precision of the sampling point distribution strategy based on triangle simplification in dispersed data environment is verified.

Key words: Complex curved surfaces measurement, Dispersed data environment, Optimization of curvature weights, Sampling points distribution strategy, Triangular mesh simplification