• CN:11-2187/TH
  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (24): 177-185.

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  1. 北京航空航天大学可靠性与系统工程学院
  • 发布日期:2011-12-20

Finite Element Analysis of MEMS Package under High Impact

CUI Jiuzheng;SUN Bo;FENG Qiang   

  1. School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University
  • Published:2011-12-20

摘要: 在强冲击载荷(104g或更高,g为重力加速度)作用下,弹载微电子机械系统(Micro electro-mechanical system,MEMS)(如陀螺仪或加速度计)及电子器件的封装和互连结构失效是影响整弹可靠性及其任务成功性的重要因素。利用有限元建模和动态响应仿真分析方法对强冲击条件下板级微电子机械系统封装结构的可靠性问题及其影响因素进行研究。有限元动态响应分析方法针对MEMS陀螺仪的典型封装结构——无引脚芯片载体进行。分析过程中焊点材料选取更接近工程实际的双线性随动硬化材料模型,详细分析相关敏感因素对焊点互连结构可靠性的影响,并给出提高封装结构可靠性的工程设计建议。

关键词: 动态响应分析, 可靠性, 强冲击, 微电子机械系统封装, 有限元

Abstract: Under high-g (104g or above, g is the acceleration of gravity) impact load conditions, onboard micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) (such as gyroscopes or accelerometer) and electronics package and interconnection are critical concern that influence the reliability of total projectile. A research on this problem is conducted to reveal the influencing factors and assess package reliability using finite element modeling and simulation method. A finite element modeling (FEM) dynamic analysis is conducted on a typical leadless chip carrier (LCC) package. In order to be closer to the engineering practice, the bilinear kinematic hardening model is chosen for the solder joints. Several sensitive factors that influence the reliability of solder joint are analyzed in detail, and several suggestions are given to improve the reliability of MEMS package.

Key words: Dynamic response, Finite element analysis, High impact, Micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) package, Reliability