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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (13): 65-71.

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  1. 燕山大学信息科学与工程学院;东北大学秦皇岛分校自动化工程系
  • 发布日期:2011-07-05

Vibration Characteristics of Hysteretic Nonlinear Vertical Vibration System of Rolling Mill Roller

LIU Haoran;HOU Dongxiao;SHI Peiming;LIU Fei   

  1. Institute of Information Technology and Engineering, Yanshan University Department of Automatic Engineering, Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao
  • Published:2011-07-05

摘要: 考虑轧件弹塑性变形的滞后非线性作用,建立一种轧机辊系滞后非线性垂直振动动力学模型。运用奇点稳定性理论分析该滞后非线性系统的稳定性,得到了系统出现各种不同奇点的条件。同时采用渐进法求解系统在主共振情况下的解析近似解,得到了系统的主共振幅频特性方程。最后以实际轧机参数为例,分析轧件的非线性刚度、阻尼等参数对轧机主共振幅频响应的影响,并研究轧机在不同外部扰动下的分岔行为,发现在不同的外部扰动下,轧机表现出周期、倍周期以及混沌等多种动力学行为,这为研究和抑制轧机振动问题提供了理论参考。

关键词: 垂直振动, 分岔, 轧机, 滞后非线性

Abstract: A kind of hysteretic nonlinear vertical vibration dynamic model is established which considers hysteresis of strips plastic deformation. The stability of the hysteretic nonlinear system is analyzed by using stability theory of singularity, and the conditions for the emergence of various singular points are obtained. Then the analytical approximate solution of the system under periodic excitation is accounted, and the primary resonance amplitude-frequency equation of the system is obtained. Finally, according to the actual parameters of rolling mill, the influence of nonlinear stiffness and nonlinear damp of rolled piece on the primary resonance amplitude-frequency response of rolling mill is analyzed, and the bifurcation behaviors of rolling mill under different external disturbances are studied. It is found that the rolling mill exhibits many dynamic behaviors such as periodic, period-doubling motion and chaos. The results provide theoretical reference for researching and suppressing rolling mill vibration.

Key words: Bifurcation, Hysteretic nonlinear, Rolling mill, Vertical vibration