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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2010, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (15): 65-70.

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  1. 北京林业大学工学院;中国农业大学理学院
  • 发布日期:2010-08-05

Development and Manufacture of a Mini-soil-bin Device for Soil Dynamics Experiments

LI Yanjie;XU Yong;ZHAO Dong   

  1. School of Technology, Beijing Forestry University College of Science, China Agricultural University
  • Published:2010-08-05

摘要: 土壤动力学试验是研究机器-土壤相互作用特性的基本试验。为了研究土壤在外界机械作用下的破碎和土块的运动规律,研制一套微型土槽试验装置。该装置利用可编程控制器(Programmable logic controller, PLC)发送脉冲指令到步进电动机驱动器,驱动与之相连的步进电动机正反转,再带动与丝杠螺母相连接的切土零件前进后退,实现往复直线运动。基于电阻应变计法和压力传感器的原理,同时采用称重传感器和人工电桥贴片两套完全独立的方案动态实时采集切土零件水平前进的土壤正面阻力和侧向土壤阻力等受力数据。为了验证该微型土槽装置的精确性和稳定性,还使用推土机铲板、三面楔和铧式犁三种切土零件模型进行土壤动力学切土试验。试验的研究结果显示,两套数据比较吻合。

关键词: 铧式犁, 三面楔, 试验装置, 土力学, 推土机, 微型土槽, 研制, 柔性作业车间调度 离散蝙蝠算法 时钟算法 优先指派规则 优化算法

Abstract: The soil dynamic test is fundamental for the study on the interaction characteristic between machines and soil. In order to study the fracture and agglomerate movement of soil under external mechanical action, a mini-soil bin test device is developed. The reciprocating linear action of cutting tools fixed on the nut of ball screw is realized by controlling the electromotor positive inversion with the pulse sent from the programmable logic controller (PLC) to the driver of electromotor which connects with the electromotor. Based on the resistance strain gage method and pressure transducer principle, two sets of completely independent schemes, i.e. weighing transducer and artificial bridge SMD, are adopted to dynamically collect in real time the data of horizontal forward and side soil resistance. The soil cutting tools and original soil bed form can be changed according to experiment demands. In order to verify the accuracy and stability of the mini-soil bin device and compare the data results of the two schemes, soil dynamic cutting tests are carried out by taking bulldozer blade, triquetrous wedge and moldboard plow models as three different cutting tools. The test results show that the two sets of data are in good agreement.

Key words: Bulldozer, Develop, Experimental device, Mini-soil bin, Moldboard plow, Soil dynamics, Triquetrous wedge, flexible job-shop scheduling discrete bat algorithm clock algorithm the priority assignment rules optimization algorithm