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›› 2014, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (20): 136-142.doi: 10.3901/JME.2014.20.136

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宋强;曾普; 何士娟;王红   

  1. 北京理工大学电动车辆国家工程实验室 机械工业出版社
  • 出版日期:2014-10-20 发布日期:2014-10-20

Power Flowing Control Strategy of Series Hybrid Tracked Bulldozer at the Typical Working Condition

SONG Qiang; ZENG Pu; HE Shijuan;WANG Hong   

  • Online:2014-10-20 Published:2014-10-20

摘要: 为提高串联式混合动力推土机的燃油经济性,研究动力传动系统的能量分配策略。分析发动机和发电机的动态工作特性,通过台架试验建立发动机的动力输出特性模型、油耗特性模型和发电机的效率特性模型;通过超级电容的电阻串并联模型结构分析,建立超级电容的动态工作模型,设定荷电状态的安全工作范围。基于台架试验及模型获得的发动机最佳燃油消耗曲线,提出一种最佳燃油消耗曲线的功率跟随控制策略。研究推土机的典型作业工况,在典型作业工况下对提出的控制策略进行仿真,阐述超级电容的荷电状态及电压、电流的变化规律,并与传统机械传动结构的原型机在发动机工作转速、转矩、油耗和加速踏板位置变动等参数方面进行对比分析。结果表明,在推土机典型作业工况下,采用最佳燃油消耗曲线的功率跟随控制策略与原型机相比,节油率达13.1%。

关键词: 串联式电传动履带推土机, 发动机-发电机组, 功率跟随, 控制策略, 燃油经济性

Abstract: Powertrain system and its energy control strategies are studied in order to improve fuel consumption of a kind of series hybrid tracked bulldozer. Mathematical models of engine’s output power, fuel consumption, and generator’s efficiency are established base on their dynamic working characteristic analysis and experimental data on test bench. By utilizing series-parallel topological structure between ultracapacitor and resistance, an ultracapacitor’s dynamic working model is setup, and its working scope of state of charge(SOC) is build. The lowest fuel consumption curve is found after above models’ optimization, and a power flowing control strategy based on the engine’s optimal fuel consumption is proposed. This power flowing control strategy is simulated under a bulldozer’s typical working duty. The variations of ultracapicitor’s charge and discharge parameters, like voltage, current, and SOC are demonstrated. The engine’s rotate speed, output torque, fuel consumption and the position of accelerate pedal are revealed comparing to these of the prototype tracked bulldozer with traditional mechanical powertrain structure. The results show that the proposed control strategy is verified well, and, the engine fuel economy can be improved 13.1% compared to the prototype one under the same typical working duty of the bulldozer.

Key words: control strategy, engine-generator, fuel economy, power following, series hybrid tracked bulldozer