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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (9): 188-192.

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  1. 上海海事大学蓄冷技术研究所
  • 发布日期:2008-09-15

Heat Transfer Characteristic in Direct Contact Binary Ice-making Process

ZHANG Xuelai;FAN Jianbin;ZHONG Dongliang;SUN Wenzhe   

  1. Cool Thermal Storage Technology Institute, Shanghai Maritime University
  • Published:2008-09-15

摘要: 设计直接接触式二元冰蓄冷系统试验台,观察制冰罐中的制冰过程,对直接接触式二元冰制备的传热特性进行研究。通过对制冰罐内喷口位置、载冷剂喷射速度、搅拌器开关、乙二醇溶液浓度的调节或改变,对罐内温度分布及降温情况进行大量的测试与分析,根据能量守恒定律计算制冰罐内容积换热系数。研究表明,提高喷口位置、开启搅拌器、增大流速和降低乙二醇溶液浓度都将提高制冰罐内的容积换热系数。

关键词: 二元冰, 容积换热系数, 直接接触

Abstract: A direct contact thermal storage test device is designed and some ice-making phenomena are observed. By regulating or changing the position of spouts in the ice-making tank, the jet velocity of refrigerating medium, the stirrer turning on-off and the concentration of glycol solution, plenty of tests and analysis on the temperature distribution and temperature decreasing in the tank are carried out and volumetric heat transfer coefficient in the ice-making tank is computed in the light of the law of conservation of energy. It is found that the volumetric heat transfer coefficient can be raised by heightening the spout position, turning on the stirrer, enhancing the velocity and decreasing the concentration of glycol solution.

Key words: Binary ice, Direct contact, Volumetric heat transfer coefficient