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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 47-52.

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  1. 北京工业大学机电学院
  • 发布日期:2008-04-15

Dynamic Design of a Planar 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator

LIU Shanzeng;YU Yueqing   

  1. College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, Beijing University of Technology
  • Published:2008-04-15

摘要: 从动力学角度分析一种平面3自由度并联机器人的设计问题。首先,基于Lagrange方程导出此平面3自由度并联机器人的动力学方程。然后,基于系统动力学方程提出机构参数设计的三点措施。例如,可以通过在系统中添加适当的平衡质量消除动力学方程中重力项和大部分耦合项的影响。采取这些措施对提高并联机器人系统的动态特性、易控性,以及增强系统运行的稳定性和精度等都具有重要作用。最后,通过算例验证这些措施在降低驱动力矩和减少系统能耗方面的可行性和效果。这些内容可为进一步研究此并联机器人的动力学特性、优化设计和控制等提供指导。采用的方法对其他多自由度多连杆机构的动力学分析和动力学设计具有重要的借鉴意义。

关键词: 并联机器人, 措施, 动力学设计

Abstract: The design of a planar three-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator is considered from a dynamic viewpoint. Firstly, the dynamic equations of the planar three degree-of- freedom parallel manipulator based on the Lagrange equation are presented. Then, three different design measures are established for the first time. For example, selection proper balancing masses are added to the system for eliminating the gravity and most of the coupling terms from the dynamical equations. These design measures are useful for improving dynamic properties, controllability, stability and accuracy of the mechanism. Finally, an example is given in order to illustrate the effect of greatly reducing the required actuator torques and consumed energy. The analysis presented, could provide necessary information for dynamic performance analysis, optimization design and control of the parallel mechanism. The method can be easily extended to the dynamic analysis and design of other multi-linkage and multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms.

Key words: Dynamic design, Measure, Parallel manipulator