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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 246-252.

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  1. 西安石油大学电子工程学院;西安理工大学自动化学院
  • 发布日期:2008-04-15

Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of Chaos in Boost Converter

CHENG Weibin;FU Zhongwei;ZHONG Yanru   

  1. College of Electronic Engineering, Xi’an Shiyou University College of Automation, Xi’an University of Technology
  • Published:2008-04-15

摘要: Boost变换器是目前应用较多的DC/DC变换器之一,存在很强的混沌现象,导致系统工作不稳定。基于混沌控制参数选择的需要,建立电流型变换器在连续传导模态下的电路模型和离散方程,得到系统的稳定工作条件。结合工程应用进行数字仿真,详细分析混沌行为对电流放大系数、输入电压、输出电压、升压电感和开关周期等参数的敏感性特征,为进一步采用参数共振微扰法抑制混沌现象提供设计依据。

关键词: Boost变换器, 混沌, 敏感性分析

Abstract: Boost converter is one of the most used DC/DC converters, in which there are more chaotic phenomena to make system work unsteadily. Based on the need to select the parameter to control chaos in Boost converters, the circuit model and discrete equations in continuous conduction mode are built, and working range is also deduced. The sensitivity of chaos behaviors to various kinds of parameters, such as current amplifying factor, input voltage, output voltage, boost induc- tance and switching period, are analyzed in detail with digital simulation and practical application, and then provide the design foundation for suppressing chaos with small parameter perturbation.

Key words: Boost converter, Chaos, Sensitivity analysis