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›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 1-9.

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  1. 南京工业大学机械与动力工程学院
  • 发布日期:2008-04-15

State-of-art in Simulation of Brazing Packaging for Miniaturized Multi-channel Heat Exchanger

CHEN Hu;GONG Jianming;TU Shang-tung;JIANG Wenchun;GENG Luyang   

  1. School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology
  • Published:2008-04-15

摘要: 简要介绍微小型多通道换热器的应用及封装制造工艺,重点关注其基于钎焊的封装过程的仿真。根据目前研究的现状,多通道换热器尤其是紧凑型板翅式换热器的仿真研究主要分为换热器整体钎焊热过程仿真,典型多通道结构的钎焊模拟,钎焊接头数值模拟以及基于扩散的钎焊机理数值分析四个方面内容。指出目前仿真研究的难点以及将来要解决的问题。

关键词: 板翅结构, 多通道, 封装, 换热器, 扩散, 钎焊, 微化工机械系统, 微化工机械系统, 微型化

Abstract: Brief introductions to the application and the packaging process of miniaturized multi-channel heat exchanger are presented. And the overview on the simulation and modeling of the brazing packaging for the multi-channel heat exchanger (MCHEX) are the focus of this article. Four levels of brazing packaging simulation for MCHEX (specially for the compact plate-fin heat exchanger) are listed, respectively, which include that the thermodynamic simulation for the overall MCHEX structure, the modeling of typical multi-channel structure, the numerical analysis for the brazed joint and the analytical modeling of brazing mechanism based on diffusion. The research difficulty and some important issues needed to solve are also pointed.

Key words: Brazing, Diffusion, Heat exchanger, Micro-chemo-mechanical systems(MCMS), Miniaturization, Multi-channel, Packaging, Plate-fin, Simulation