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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2006, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (9): 229-232.

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  1. 燕山大学机械工程学院;上海宝钢集团公司热轧部
  • 发布日期:2006-09-15


BAI Zhenhua;LI Xingdong;LIAN Jiachuang;LIU Xiandong   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University Hot Rolling Department, Shanghai Bao Steel Corp.
  • Published:2006-09-15

摘要: 针对带材卷取过程中在钢卷表面形成的容易使开卷后带材产生附加浪形、造成产品降级的起筋问题,在大量的现场试验与理论研究的基础上,结合小局部浪形与大局部浪形的相关特点,提出一套大小局部浪形的理论判断标准,并对大局部浪形引起起筋过程中轴向力的由来、起筋区域临界失稳应力与轴向力的计算等问题进行系统的分析。然后,分小局部浪形与大局部浪形两种情况,分别建立相应的起筋量计算数学模型,定量模拟出了不同情况下起筋量的大小,并将模型计算结果与现场实测值进行了跟踪对比,统计表明模型平均偏差保持在10%的范围内,单次最大偏差小于(等于)15%,达到相当高的精度,满足了工程上对起筋量预报的精度要求,并为厂方起筋缺陷的治理提供了有力的理论依据,创造了良好的经济效益。

关键词: 局部浪形, 冷轧, 起筋

Abstract: Against the ribbing problem that it is easy to produce additional shape wave and degraded product on the surface of stripe after the uncoil on the process of curl, and on the base of quantities of the field experiment and the research of theory, a set of judgment standard about the theory of big and small local shape wave is put forward combining with the relevant characteristics of small local shape wave and big local shape wave. At the same time, the problems that include the origin of axial force caused by big local shape wave on the process of ribbing, the calculation of critical bucking stress and axial force in the zone of ribbing are analysed systemic. After that, against the two different conditions of small local shape wave and big local shape wave, the two corresponding math- ematic models about the calculation of ribbing value are set up. After the ribbing value in the different conditions are simulated quantitatively and compared with field data, the statistic ind- icate that the deviation value of model data with field data is within ten percents and the maximal deviation value in one time is within fifteen percents, which reach relatively high accuracy and meet the requiremet for prediction accuracy of ribbing value on the project. It also bring forward the convincing theoretical basis for the ribbing cure of the factory and creates vast economic returns.

Key words: Cold rolling, Local shape wave, Ribbing