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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 1980, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (1): 78-90.

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  1. 北京钢铁研究院;合肥通用机械研究所
  • 发布日期:1980-01-01

Research on Foumation-mechanism of Reheat Cracking with Steels for Pressure Vessel and Provisions of Prevention

Wang Yingshu;Liang Dongtu;Qu Meiling   

  1. 北京钢铁研究院 合肥通用机械研究所
  • Published:1980-01-01

摘要: 本文采用Y型被口拘束抗裂试验等方法,评定了18MnMoNb等钢热影响区的再热裂纹的敏感性。并利用附带能谱仪的扫描透射电镜对焊接热影响区粗晶区薄膜样品进行了综合分析,其中包括微观组织的形貌观察、相结构分析及取向分析,根据沉淀硬化及蠕变变形的理论,讨论了再热裂纹的原因,在此基础上,提出一个焊后等温处理的措施,以便使晶内嵌镶块碎化并改变碳化物沉淀的性质和弥散度,来控制和防止再热裂纹的产生,经不同焊后等温处理实难以及其它有关钢种的验证,得知这一措施是颇为有效的。

Abstract: The susceptibility to reheat cracking due to the heat-affected zone has been determined by using of the Y_type groove S. R. crack resisting test and other methods; and thin foil specimens taken from this heat-affected zone have been analysed by using Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope with attached EDAX. This combined analysis include morphological observation of- microstructure and determination of structure and orientation relationship. According to the precipitation hardening and creep deformation theory, the cause of reheat cracking has been discussed. It has been suggested that reheat cracking will be able to be controled and prevented through. Postweld isothermal treatment which has brought about the fragmentation of mosaic-block in the grains and a change in carbides precipitation and their distribution. After different experiments of postweld isothermal treatment and being proved by other related teels, this way of prevention has been proved as effective.