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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 1980, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (1): 91-96.

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  1. 清华大学
  • 发布日期:1980-01-01

Design of Ribbon or Wire Prestressed High Pressure Vessel or Cold Extrusion Die without Tensile Hoop Stress at the Core under Working Pressure

Wang Zutong   

  1. Tsing Hua University
  • Published:1980-01-01

摘要: 钢丝或钢带缠绕予以应力高压容器或模具由芯筒和缠绕层两部分组成。缠绕层采用等剪应力方法充分利用了钢丝的强度,比采用等张或等切应力方法能承载更大的工作内压。芯筒多采用高强材料。为使芯筒不易开裂并提高疲劳寿命,要求在工作内压载荷下内壁不出现拉应力。本文提出满足这一要求的最佳设计方法和计算公式。

Abstract: Ribbon or wire prestressed cylinder for high pressure vessels or cold extrusion dies consists of two parts: the winding and core. Winding with constant shear stress most efficiently utilizes winding materials and permits maximum possible internal working pressure. It is desired that under working pressure there is no tensile hoop stress at the inner face of the core in order to prevent from early cracking and increase fatigue strength. In this paper, method of optimum design and calculation equations are derived for this purpose.