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›› 1980, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (1): 1-14.

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  1. Aachen工业大学焊接研究所;清华大学
  • 发布日期:1980-01-01

New Seam Tracking System for Arc Welding

F.Eichhorn;J.Platz;Pan Jiluan   

  1. Aachen工业大学焊接研究所 Tsinghua university
  • Published:1980-01-01

摘要: 焊接自动化是当前工业中一个急待解决的重要题问,解决这一问题的首要任务是实现自动跟踪。自动跟踪的主要关键又是传感器的研究。Aachen工业大学研究成功一种新型自动焊跟踪系统,其特点是直接利用电弧作为传感器,因而具有其他一切跟踪系统所不具备的优点。但是这种系统也存在一个根本性的缺点,即它对短路过程十分敏感,在短路过渡焊接过程中不能采用。最近Aachen大学对此进行了观察研究,成功地解决了这一问题。本文叙述了这一新型自动跟踪系统的原理,装置以及最近研究的结果。由于这一研究成果,本系统不仅用于射流过渡而且可以适用于短路过渡过程的焊接方法。

Abstract: Automation of welding process is one of the most urgent and important problems in modern industries, the first task for solving it is to realize the automatic seam tracking and the key point of realizing seam tracking is to develop suitable sensors. RWTH Aachen developed a new seam tracking system, the special feature of which is the using of arc itself as the sensor, and therefore it possesses superiority in many respects over all existing seam tracking systems. However it has also a radical shortcoming, I. E. sensitivity to short-circuit transfer which makes it useless in such cases. Recently observations and study on this system have further been made in RWTH Aachen, and the problem was successfully solved. As a result of this work, this new system can be used not only for submerged arc welding, spray transfer MIG-MAG welding, but also for short-circuit transfer welding process.This paper describes the principle, mechanism, electrical block diagram of the system and the results of the latest study on it.