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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 1980, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (1): 15-28.

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  1. 郑州机械科学研究所;3401工厂;厦门汽车修配厂
  • 发布日期:1980-01-01

Hypoid Pinion and Ring Gears of Bainitic Nodular Iron with Shell Moulded Cast Teeth

Zeng Yicheng;Fang Guiru;Wu Jizhi;Du Yongan;Shen Huibin;Suo Jiuchang;Zhuang Yingkai   

  1. 郑州机械科学研究所 3401工厂 厦门汽车修配厂
  • Published:1980-01-01

摘要: 本文研究用贝氏体球铁和直接铸出齿形的办法来生产汽车螺旋伞齿轮。作者指出,为使球铁齿轮满足工作条件对材质提出的性能要求,应选取低锰、高硅、铅钼合金化的化学成分、加强孕育细化石墨的制定合理等温淬火工艺以获得转变完全、组织细化、综合机械性能较好的下贝氏体组织。还应采用喷丸处理来提高齿轮弯曲疲劳强度。为保证铸造齿轮精度,关键是要根据齿轮铸造时的变形大小,选择好模型齿轮,在加工时采用三点节圆定位和采用电火花跑合。文中还列出了这种齿轮在几种载重汽车上试验和使用情况。认为精铸球铁齿轮具有投资省、成本低、生产灵活、噪音小、较耐磨等许多优点,目前已有十多家工厂进行生产多种型号的螺伞形齿轮。

Abstract: Rear axle hypoid pinion and ring gears made of bainitic nodular iron with shell moulded cast teeth have successfully been used on light and medium trucks in China for several years. Cu and Mo alloyed iron with low Mn and high Si, good inoculation, graphite nodule refinement, and ,correct austempering technology result in complete transformaticn to fine grain .lower bainitic structure with high mechanical properties. Shot-peening raises the bending endurance limit of the .gear teeth. Optimum modification of tooth parameters of pattern-gears, 3-points pitch circle positioning in machining and electric spark running-in ensure good meshing of tooth flanks, quiet running and long life of gears. Road reliability tests of 25000 and 50000 KM and several years ,of actual service on more than ten types of trucks have proved that gears thus made are satisfactory for the duty. Production by this method saves labour and time, and does not need large investment in equipments. Such gears are now in batch-production in China.