• CN:11-2187/TH
  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 1991, Vol. 27 ›› Issue (3): 56-61.

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  1. 天津大学
  • 发布日期:1991-05-01


Liu Youwu;Zhang Tianli   

  1. Tianjin University
  • Published:1991-05-01

摘要: 本文介绍一种多体系统动力学的计算方法。利用脉冲响应,可在时间域和频率域进行计算分析。在此基础上开发了一般多体系统动力学分析程序DAGOMS及其FFT后续处理程序PTODA。以工业机器人为典型系统进行了实验模态分析,识别了接合面物理参数。用上述程序求得时域和频域数值解。理论分析与实验结果吻合较好。

关键词: 动力学, 机构, 合金元素, 残余奥氏体, 滚动接触磨损, 无碳化物贝氏体钢

Abstract: A calculating method of multibody system dynamics is presented. Using impulse response, the dynamic characteristics is analyzed both in the time and frequency domain. Based on this principle, a general purpose program DAGOMS and a FFT post data processing program PTODA was developed. The experimental model analysis was done on an industrial robot as a typical system. The experimental modal analysis was done on an industrial robot as a typical system. The equivalent stiffness and damping coefficients for the joints were estimated. Using the preceding program numerical calculating results in the time and frequency domain can be obtained. The calculating results are in agreement with the experimental data.

Key words: 动力学, 机构, alloying element, carbide-free bainitic steel, retained austenite, rolling contact fatigue