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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2014, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (12): 44-50.

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  1. 南京理工大学材料科学与工程学院;云南建工钢结构有限公司
  • 发布日期:2014-06-20

Two-directional Synchronous Visual Sensing and Image Processing of Weld Pool in Aluminum Alloy Twin Arc Pulsed MIG Welding

YANG Jiajia; WANG Kehong; WU Tongli; SUN Ke   

  1. Departments of Material Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  • Published:2014-06-20

摘要: 铝合金双丝脉冲焊接时,强烈的双弧光强和铝合金的强反射作用造成熔池视觉传感比较困难。建立一套双丝脉冲焊熔池双向同步视觉传感软硬件系统,通过近红外滤光技术和控制电荷耦合器(Charge-coupled device,CCD)快门曝光时间,获得清晰的尾部和侧面同步铝合金熔池图像。针对铝合金双丝脉冲焊熔池图像存在的高频横纹干扰,提出利用巴特沃斯低通加强滤波的方法进行去除,并通过灰度拉伸、阈值分割和边缘提取等图像处理方法,获得双向熔池轮廓。通过熔池几何形态分析,得到双丝脉冲焊前中部熔池形状为椭圆形,尾部形状为抛物线。在获得抛物线和椭圆曲线方程的基础上定义并计算熔池宽度、全长、面积、周长、尾部系数等熔池几何特征参数。

关键词: 铝合金;熔池;双丝脉冲熔化极惰性气体保护焊;双向同步传感;巴特沃斯低通滤波;几何特征参数

Abstract: Visual sensing of weld pool in pulsed twin arc welding of aluminum alloy is very difficult because of strong arc and reflection. A two-directional synchronous visual sensing system is established consisting of hardware and software system. By near infrared filter technology and exposure time of charge-coupled device (CCD) shutter controlling, clear weld pool images from rear and side directions are obtained. A new butterworth low-pass filtering approach is proposed to remove the horizontal stripes interference of high frequency and desired result is obtained. Through image processing methods such as gray stretch, threshold segmentation and edge detection, the profiles of weld pools from the two directions have been acquired. By analyzing the geometry of the weld pool images, it is found that the rear part of the weld pool is like parabola and the front and middle part is like ellipse. The geometric parameters of the weld pool such as the width, length, area, perimeter, rear factor and other parameters are defined and calculated on the basis of parabolic and elliptic curve equation calculation.

Key words: aluminum alloy;weld pool;twin arc pulsed metal inert-gas welding;two-directional synchronous visual sensing;butterworth low-pass filtering;geometric parameter