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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (24): 122-127.

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  1. 孝感学院计算机与信息科学学院;湘潭大学机械工程学院
  • 发布日期:2011-12-20

Analyses on Blade Fracture of Contra-rotating Axial Fan for Mine Local Ventilator and Its Improvement Measures

HE Qiudong;GONG Shuguang;DING Tao   

  1. College of Computer and Information Science, Xiaogan University School of Mechanical Engineering, Xiangtan University
  • Published:2011-12-20

摘要: 通过建立有限元分析模型,对矿用对旋轴流式局部通风机叶轮进行应力、变形分析,分析出大机型叶片断裂的主要原因是叶轮结构与尺寸不合理,叶轮高速旋转时叶片根部的应力过大、安全系数过低。据此提出在叶片根部局部增加厚度的方法解决了该问题。同时,还对叶轮结构进行改进,减少了材料消耗,提高整机性能。样机试验及现场应用表明,改进后通风机叶轮的机械强度和刚度满足要求,叶轮质量减小20.8%,噪声降低2.31 dB,振动速度有效值降低1.5 mm/s,全压效率略有提高,稳定运行区域更广。该分析方法在同类产品中有应用的可能性。

关键词: 变形, 强度, 通风机, 应力, 有限元分析, 轴流叶轮

Abstract: A finite element method pattern is built and the stress and deforming of contra-rotating axial fan impeller for mine local ventilator are analyzed. The reasons of blade fracture of larger type fans are the unreasonable structure and size of impeller, overpower stress of impeller root and over-low coefficient of safety as impellers rotate at high speed. The improvement measures are to increase the thickness of local impeller root and to improve the structure of impeller so as to reduce material consumption and enhance performance of the whole fan. Sample test and field using show that the mechanical strength and stiffness of after-improvement fan impeller meet the need. The weight of impeller is reduced by 20.8%; the noise is lowered by 2.31 dB and the effective value of vibration velocity is lessened by 1.5 mm/s, efficiency of total pressure is improved and range of stable running becomes wider. So it is probable to apply this analyzing method to like products.

Key words: Axial impeller, Deformation, Finite element method, Strength, Stress, Ventilator