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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2008, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (9): 92-99.

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  1. 南京航空航天大学精密驱动研究所;北京工业大学机械工程及应用电子技术学院;北京联合大学机电工程学院;克莱姆森大学机械工程系
  • 发布日期:2008-09-15

Working Principle and Flux Characteristics of Valve-less Piezoelectric Pump with Y-shape Tubes for Transporting Cells and Macromolecule

ZHANG Jianhui; LU Jizhuang; XIA Qixiao;KOU Jie; REN Gang   

  1. Precision Driving Laboratory, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics College of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Electronics Technology, Beijing University of Technology College of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Beijing Union University Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University
  • Published:2008-09-15

摘要: 在泵腔上安装两支互为倒置的具有一定夹角的三通流管,组成泵腔的流入、排出口,并与压电振子、泵体及其他部件共同构成了“Y”形流管无阀压电泵。该泵无自身化学污染源及电磁污染源,也没有阀的开启过程;同时,具有极大的可微小化和集成化的结构能力;而且,在流管内产生的漩涡相对较小,有利于输送活体细胞及长链高分子。提出新型“Y”形流管无阀压电泵的结构。基于有限体积法,分别模拟锥形流管与“Y”形流管中的压力分布与速度矢量分布,证明“Y”形流管中的漩涡远小于圆锥流管中的漩涡,速度、压力的变化也较圆锥流管低。通过具体分析压电振子的振动,建立泵容积变化方程;同时建立泵流量与压电振子频率之间的关系式。最后,通过对所研究的“Y”形流管无阀压电泵进行流量试验后证明“Y”形流管无阀压电泵具有泵特性,进而证明了上述理论模型的正确性。

关键词: “Y”形流管, 流量, 漩涡, 压电泵

Abstract: A valveless piezoelectric pump with Y-elements is assembled by installing two inverted Y-shape tees to the chamber, which is composed inlet, outlet, piezoelectric vibrator, chamber and other parts. This pump has no chemical and electromagnetic pollution sources, nor periodic valves opening or closing. It also characters potentiality to be miniaturized and integrated. This pump facilitates to transfusing living cells and macromolecular compound because only lower-intensity eddy field occurs when pump fluid flows through the Y-elements. Firstly, the structure of the new valveless piezoelectric pump with Y-elements is presented. Then, pressure distribution and velocity vector distribution in the Y-elements are simulated by means of finite volume method, which proves when fluid flows through Y-elements the eddy field is far lower than that in diffuser/nozzle elements. Simulations also show that the fluctuations of the pressure and velocity in Y-elements are much lower. Thirdly, the equation of volume change is built through analyzing vibration of the piezoelectric vibrator. And the theoretical relationship between the flow rate and the frequencies of piezoelectric vibrator is established. Finally, through the flow test this device with Y-elements is proved to have the characteristics of pump, thus proving the correctness of the theoretical model presented above.

Key words: Eddy field, Flux, Piezoelectric pump, Y-shape tubes