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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2007, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (2): 22-32.

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  1. 清华大学国家CIMS工程技术研究中心
  • 发布日期:2007-02-15


ZANG Chuanzhen;FAN Yushun   

  1. National Engineering Research Center for CIMS, Tsinghua University
  • Published:2007-02-15

摘要: 实时企业能够主动地提供及时、准确、详细的信息,这些信息除了业务系统产生的大量数据、智能物件(Smart Items)数据流以外,更主要的是隐藏在其背后的信息。目前缺少功能强大的机制和方法来获取和展现这些隐藏在背后的信息,而复杂事件处理(CEP)可提供有效的途径和方法。提出基于Smart Items的实时企业体系结构,给出事件基本概念、时间模型、层次模型的清晰定义;现有的事件聚合方法基本都是在事件类型级别上进行的,提出的事件实例操作符能够在实例级别上进行事件聚合,同时定义基本的事件类型操作符;提出语义空间的方法为事件聚合提供环境信息,并给出事件实例的使用策略、消耗策略以及老化策略来维护事件实例,特别是给出的事件实例分区方法能够提高事件聚合的效率。使用Colored Petri网检测复合事件具有很好的并行性和效率,给出相应的检测算法。在某制造企业的实际应用中证明该方法具有很好的效果。

关键词: Petri网, 复杂事件处理, 实时企业, 无线射频识别, 智能物件

Abstract: Real time enterprise is able to provide timely, accurate and detailed information deliberately. The information is about the large volume of data from business systems and Smart Items (radio frequency identification, wireless sensor networks), and most importantly, is about the information behind all the data. There are few powerful methods to retrieve and present the behind information, and complex event processing is effective to do it. The architecture of real time enterprise based on Smart Items is firstly put forth. The clear definition of fundamental concepts of event, event model and hierarchical model are given. All the available event composition methods are almost based on event type, the event instance operators here make it possible to figure out complex event in instance level. The requisite event type operators are also defined. Semantic space is put forth to provide more event context information, and the strategies of event instance using, consuming and aging are given to process all the event instances. Especially, the partition methods of event instances improve the efficiency of event composition significantly. To detect composite event, colored Petri net serves as a good candidate in terms of its properties of concurrency and efficiency, and its mechanism and algorithm are discussed. Application of the mechanism shows that it is effective to provide more accurate and concrete information.

Key words: Complex event processing, Petri net, Radio frequency identification, Real time enterprise, Smart Items