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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2007, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (2): 156-162.

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  1. 山东建筑大学机电工程学院;济南铁道职业技术学院机械工程系;济南大学机械工程学院
  • 发布日期:2007-02-15


XU Boyan;ZHANG Weibin;QI Yunliang;CAI Shaoli   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong Institute of Architecture and Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jinan Railway Institute of Technology School of Mechanical Engineering, Jinan University
  • Published:2007-02-15

摘要: 为解决柴油醇在应用中存在的相分离、十六烷值低下等问题,提出一种由中碳醇 + 低分子醚+高分子聚合物 + 有机硝酸酯构成的复合添加剂。结果表明:添加1%~2%容积百分比的复合添加剂后,柴油醇的溶解度明显提高;并且发动机的冷启动试验也表明加入复合添加剂后,柴油醇的着火性能已同于柴油的水平。由发动机台架试验还研究了柴油和不同乙醇掺合率的柴油醇给与发动机的燃料经济性、排气烟度和THC、CO、Nox气体排放的影响。结果表明:柴油醇以重量计的比油耗较柴油的相应地增加,但以能量计的有效热效率却较柴油的略有提高;各种乙醇掺合率下的排气烟度都大幅地降低;Nox排放浓度则随负荷增加而逐渐增大,但在高负荷工况时,随乙醇掺合率的增加,Nox排放浓度呈下降趋势。

关键词: 柴油醇, 排放特性, 十六烷值提高剂, 相分离, 增溶剂

Abstract: An additive compound consisting of medium carbon alcohol, low carbon ether, macromolecule polymer and organic nitric acid ester is developed to overcome the problems of phase separation and low cetane number in the application of diesohol. The titration experiments prove that the mutual solubility be-tween the diesel and the ethanol is improved by adding 1%~2% (in volume) of this additive. The engine bench tests show that the cold starting performance of the diesohol with the addi-tive can be almost as good as that of the pure diesel. The effects which the pure diesel and several kinds of diesohol with differ-ent ethanol blend ratios have on the fuel economy, soot and the emissions of THC, CO and Nox are also investigated. As a re-sult, the specific fuel consumption of each diesohol is more than that of diesel, but the brake thermal efficiency and the soot intensity are all better than those of diesel. The Nox emission deteriorates with the increasing of engine load but has a decline trend under high load operation conditions with the increasing of ethanol blend ratio.

Key words: Cetane number improver, Diesohol, Emission characteristics, Phase separation, Solubilizer