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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2001, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (5): 7-11,2.

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  1. 大连理工大学机械工程学院
  • 发布日期:2001-05-15


Guo Dongming;Jia Zhenyuan;Wan Xiaoming;Kang Dechun;Wang Liding;Cheng Gengdong   

  1. Dalian University of Technology
  • Published:2001-05-15

摘要: 提出了理想材料零件的新概念,它是指按零件的最佳使用功能要求来设计,由呈梯度变化的组织成分和一定规律分布的细结构的材料与均质材料所组合构成的新型材料零件。提出并阐明了理想材料零件的数字化的并行设计制造(简称数字化设计制造技术)的方法和理论基础;它以材料与零件的一体化、集成化设计制造为主要特点,可根据零件功能要求进行零件的外部几何拓扑形状和内部材料组织细结构的并行设计,并采用增材制造和去材制造相结合的制造技术,按数字化设计的信息,一次完成零件内部组织结构和三维形体的制造。指出数字化设计制造将会使人们长期以来设想的按力学、电磁学性能来高效地设计制造新材料零件变为现实,在不远的将来定能像设计和建造房屋那样,按照所需功能设计制造理想材料零件。

关键词: 材料设计, 非均质材料, 分层制造, 理想材料零件, 数字化并行设计制造

Abstract: Based pm this situation, a brand new concept, ideal functional material components (IFMC), will be presented. IFMC is designed with best functional use, and is constructed by continuously varying material composition, microstructure, non-homogeneous materials and homogeneous materials. One of the typical IFMC is heterogeneous material component, exhibiting continuously varying materials composition and microstructure, offering designers the advantages of tailoring structures and materials to meet a variety of property and performance requirements to suit the changing and demanding of environment. However, the wide variety of component geometry and topology, material combination and architecture poses a bewildering problem of design and manufacturing. Thus an appropriate, and furthermore innovative, theory and technique are proposed for the digital concurrent design and manufacturing (DCDM) of IFMC. With DCDM of IFMC, material composition and geometry as well as microstructure of the component can be digitally designed simultaneously, then the material and component, including its material structure and composition and three-dimensional shape, can be manufactured concurrently by means of the digital design information. In order to clarify the concept and connotation of DCDM, the states-of-the art and developing trends o mechanical manufacturing, material design and computational mechanics are analyzed, and the associated theories and methods are reviewed and explained. Apparently, it would come to true in the near future that IFMC be designed and manufactured as a building be done.

Key words: Digital concurrent design and manufacturing, Heterogeneous objects, Ideal functional material component, Layered manufacturing, Material design