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›› 1979, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (2): 154-161.

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  1. 东北重型机械学院
  • 发布日期:1979-03-01

The Space Model and the Link Length Types of Four-bar Linkage

Yang Chihou   

  1. Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute
  • Published:1979-03-01

摘要: 文中首次提出铰链四杆机构相对尺寸类型的一个空间模型,并把它划分为八个子区间,有八个机构族与之相对应。还把整个模型划分为48个小区间,形成48种四杆机构的尺寸型。取出空间模型的各个不同截面,得到各种平面区间图,在此图上可以画出机构的各种性能图谱。它有助于从整体上掌握四杆机构的性能和尺寸的关系,从而对改进机构的综合方法起有益作用。最后简要指出了空间模型的几点实际意义。

Abstract: In This article a space model of the relative link length types of the four-bar linkage is first derived, and divided into eight subregions contrasted with eight families of mechanisms. Hence we can subdivide the whole model into 48 small regions and get 48 sorts of four-bar mechanisms. Taking any section of the space model, there is a closed region in plane, and we can plot several character diagrams of the mechanisms in it. These character diagrams are useful to realize the relation between the mechanism characters and the link length in the total, and consequently are helpful to improve the synthesis method of the mechanisms. At last the practical meaning of the space model is shortly discussed.