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孙鹏飞, 安子军   

  1. 燕山大学机械工程学院 秦皇岛 066004
  • 收稿日期:2018-01-28 修回日期:2018-08-06 出版日期:2019-01-05 发布日期:2019-01-05
  • 通讯作者: 安子军(通信作者),男,1960年出生,博士,教授,博士研究生导师。主要研究方向为现代机械传动理论与控制、汽车动力学。E-mail:zjan@ysu.edu.cn
  • 作者简介:孙鹏飞,男,1990年出生。博士研究生。主要研究方向为精密机械传动理论与应用。E-mail:ysupfsun@sina.com
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Coupled Thermoelastic Semi-analytical Contact Model and Contact Characteristics for Precision Ball Transmission

SUN Pengfei, AN Zijun   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004
  • Received:2018-01-28 Revised:2018-08-06 Online:2019-01-05 Published:2019-01-05

摘要: 在修正精密钢球传动受力模型和相对滑动模型基础上,建立精密钢球传动啮合副耦合热弹性半解析接触模型。采用热源法推导啮合副接触温升的半解析式,并利用影响系数法计算考虑耦合热弹性影响的啮合刚度和啮合副变形。为提高模型的计算效率,给出了对应公式的离散卷积形式。深入分析精密钢球传动的耦合热弹性接触特征,并通过对比分析验证半解析模型的可行性。结果表明:中心盘外侧齿面上的接触温升相对最高,行星盘内侧齿面上的接触温升相对最低;啮合副耦合热弹性接触模型计算的啮合副变形和啮合刚度要大于Hertz接触模型的计算结果。研究结果可为考虑热特性的精密钢球传动动力学特性的研究以及实际工程应用提供一定的理论依据。

关键词: 变形, 精密钢球传动, 啮合刚度, 耦合热弹性接触, 温升

Abstract: Based on the modified model of the force and the relative slide for the precision ball transmission, a coupled thermoelastic semi-analytical contact model of meshing pair is established. The semi-analytical formula of the contact temperature rise of meshing pair is deduced by using the heat source method, and the influence coefficient method is adopted to compute the meshing stiffness and the deformation of meshing pair which considering the effect of coupled thermoelasticity. In order to improve the computational efficiency, the discrete convolution forms of related expressions are also derived. The coupled thermoelastic contact characteristics for precision ball transmission are analyzed deeply, and the comparative analysis approach is used for verifying the availability of the semi-analytical model. The results indicate that the contact temperature rise of the outer tooth surface of the central disc is relatively high, and it is relatively low on the inner surface of the planetary disc; the meshing stiffness and the deformation calculated by the coupled thermoelastic model are larger than those of the Hertz contact model. Therefore, the research results can provide some theoretical foundation for the study of dynamic characteristics of precision ball transmission considering thermal properties and the practical engineering application.

Key words: coupled thermoelastic contact, deformation, meshing stiffness, precision ball transmission, temperature rise