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  1. 北京理工大学机械与车辆学院
  • 出版日期:2014-10-20 发布日期:2014-10-20

Research on Proportional Solenoid Valve Used for Automatic Transmission

MENG Fei;TAO Gang;CHEN Huiyan   

  • Online:2014-10-20 Published:2014-10-20

摘要: 介绍一种用于自动变速器的比例电磁阀结构,研究比例电磁阀的分析、设计方法及其稳态和动态特性。在结构分析的基础上,分析其工作原理,将比例电磁阀分为电场、磁场、机械和流体四部分,分析这四部分的内在耦合关系。建立各个部分的动态特性数学模型并进行耦合仿真分析,对比例电磁阀电磁特性进行研究,通过与试验结果对比,初步验证耦合仿真模型的正确性。 通过计算分析电磁阀内部参量的动态变化特性,为优化电磁阀设计奠定基础。在液压部分中,进油口采用球阀,排油口采用喷嘴挡板阀,通过控制排油口的开度可以进行流量控制,间接控制油压输出。在比例电磁阀开启时,电磁力与弹簧力的总和与球阀的液压力相平衡的工作模式,使该比例电磁阀具有开关响应快、输入电流与输出油压线性关系好的特点。研究结果表明,该比例电磁阀阀芯位移0.2 mm ,开启响应时间在2 ms以内,油压建立在4 ms以内,适用于自动变速器换挡执行回路中。

关键词: 比例电磁阀, 动态特性, 耦合分析, 自动变速器

Abstract: The structure of a proportional solenoid valve for automatic transmission is introduced. The design, analysis methodology and dynamic performances of the valve are discussed. Based on the structural analysis of the valve, the operating principle is investigated. Four subsystems that are electric field, magnetic field, mechanical, and hydraulic of the proportional solenoid valve are divided, and their inherent coupling interactions are investigated. The mathematical model of the dynamic performance of the four subsystems is built separately and simulation analysis is carried out. The active process of the proportional solenoid valve is studied by combining with experimental results, verified the correctness of the coupling simulation model. It would be useful for proportional solenoid valve optimal design by analyzing the internal parameters dynamic changes of the valve. In the hydraulic subsystem, the inlet port using ball popper and the nozzle flapper valve for the outlet port. Pressure regulating can be realized by flow control via controlling the opening degree of the outlet. The research results show that the proportional solenoid valve has a small displacement (0.2 mm) in the instantaneous moment of opening, with an open response time less than 2 ms and pressure response time less than 4 ms,it is suitable for automatic transmission control.

Key words: automatic transmission, coupling analysis, dynamic performance, proportional solenoid valve