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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (2): 72-79.

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  1. 湖南大学汽车车身先进设计制造国家重点实验室
  • 发布日期:2011-01-20

Optimum Design of Flywheel Rotor Made of Functionally Graded Materials

YAN Xiaolei;ZHONG Zhihua;ZHA Yunfei;MO Xuhui;SUN Guangyong   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacture for Vehicle body,Hunan University
  • Published:2011-01-20

摘要: 功能梯度材料(Functionally graded materials, FGMs)是一种材料属性在空间位置上连续变化的新型材料。与均匀材料相比,高速储能飞轮转子采用FGMs可以有效地减少应力集中,充分发挥材料性能,从而改善转子的工作性能。针对飞轮转子轴向厚度相对较厚时平面应力方法误差较大的问题,通过将转子离散为有限个等厚匀质微环的方法,推得变厚度FGMs飞轮转子的三维半解析解——修正平面应力(Modified plane stress, MPS)解,并采用有限元法验证其精确性。应用序列二次规划(Sequential quadratic programming, SQP)优化方法,以飞轮转子的厚度、材料体积分数和转速为设计变量,以最大化转子的储能密度为目标函数,对FGMs飞轮转子的形状和材料分布进行优化设计,并分析材料性能参数对结果的影响。计算结果表明,合理的转子形状与材料分布可以使转子应力分布更加均匀,大大提高飞轮的储能性能。

关键词: 飞轮转子, 功能梯度材料, 修正平面应力, 序列二次规划

Abstract: Functionally graded materials(FGMs) are new materials whose properties change continuously in the spatial position. Using FGMs instead of uniform materials for high speed energy storage flywheel rotor can reduce stress concentration effectively and give full play to the material properties, thereby improving the rotor performance . In view of the big error of plane stress(PS) solution when the axial thickness of flywheel rotor is big compared to its radius, a three-dimensional semi-analytical solution that is a modified plane stress(MPS) solution of FGMs flywheel rotor is derived by dividing the rotor into finite ring elements with constant thickness and homogeneous material, and then its accuracy is verified by finite element method. At last, by taking thickness, material volume fraction and rotating speed as design variables, and maximized energy storage density of the rotor as objective function, both shape and material distribution are optimized for FGMs flywheel rotor by using sequential quadratic programming(SQP) method, in addition, the effect of material properties on optimization results are also analyzed. Calculation results indicate that rational shape and material distribution can make stress distribution more even, and greatly increase the energy storage performance of flywheel rotor.

Key words: Sequential quadratic programming(SQP), Flywheel rotor, Functionally graded materials(FGMs), Modified plane stress(MPS)