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机械工程学报 ›› 2018, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (16): 34-44.doi: 10.3901/JME.2018.16.034

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张泽群1, 唐敦兵1, 金永乔2, 张海涛1   

  1. 1. 南京航空航天大学机电学院 南京 210016;
    2. 上海航天精密机械研究所 上海 201600
  • 收稿日期:2017-08-07 修回日期:2018-03-29 出版日期:2018-08-20 发布日期:2018-08-20
  • 通讯作者: 唐敦兵(通信作者),男,1972年出生,博士,教授,博士研究生导师。主要研究方向为智能制造系统、制造系统与自动化、数字化设计与制造。E-mail:d.tang@nuaa.edu.cn
  • 作者简介:张泽群,男,1991年出生,博士研究生。主要研究方向为智能制造系统的研究与设计。E-mail:a15850589231@163.com;金永乔,男,1983年出生,博士,工程师。主要研究方向为智能装备、数字化制造。E-mail:kerrking@163.com;张海涛,男,1981年出生,博士研究生。主要研究方向为智能制造系统。E-mail:toby_sh@163.com
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Self-organizing Production Technology for Discrete Workshop Scheduling Driven by Internet of Things

ZHANG Zequn1, TANG Dunbing1, JING Yongqiao2, ZHANG Haitao1   

  1. 1. College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016;
    2. Shanghai Spaceflight Precision Machinery Institute, Shanghai 201600
  • Received:2017-08-07 Revised:2018-03-29 Online:2018-08-20 Published:2018-08-20

摘要: 随着个性化定制的需求越来越高,离散车间作为企业从事机械零部件生产活动的物理实体将首先应对这种趋势带来的挑战。个性化定制任务随机性强,订单到达时车间状态不定,调度模型难以确立,需要一种摒弃传统调度模型的自动化生产方法。为此,结合物联制造技术和完全动态调度理论,研究如何实现车间层自组织生产,在没有初始调度模型的情况下完成实时动态调度。以离散车间为研究对象,搭建面向实时制造过程的无线射频识别物联环境。并以此为基础,建立面向物理资源的智能个体,使设备本身成为具有通讯、分析、决策能力的独立智能单元。同时引入系统监管类智能个体,克服传统完全动态调度过程中系统全局性难以兼顾的缺点,完善调度性能。最后,研究成果应用于某实验室中的微型工厂,证明了方法可以进行个性化订单的自组织生产,并能有效整合生产资源。

关键词: 动态调度, 个性化定制, 智能个体, 自组织

Abstract: With the increasing requirement for personalized customization service, discrete workshop as a unit in manufacturing system will first have to deal with this challenge which is caused by the personalized customization service. Personalized customization task is stochastic, and the status of shop floor is uncertain before the order arrival. Therefore, it is difficult to establish the traditional scheduling model, and an automated production method is needed. Based on the manufacturing technology of internet of things and the theory of completely dynamic scheduling, the method of self-organization production in job shop layer and real-time dynamic scheduling without scheduling model are studied. The discrete workshop is selected for the study, and the instrumented environment based on Radio Frequency Identification for real-time manufacturing process is constructed. On this basis, the individual intelligent of physical resource oriented is established, and the goal is to make the device becoming an intelligent unit with the capacity of communication, analysis and decision-making. In addition, due to the fact that a system supervisor intelligent individual is introduced, the weakness that the global performance of the scheduling mechanism is difficult to raise in traditional fully dynamic scheduling can be overcome. Finally, the proposed approaches are applied to a micro-factories in a laboratory, the result show that the self-organizing production of individual orders can be carried out and it can effectively integrate production resources.

Key words: dynamic scheduling, individual intelligent, personalized customization, self-organizing