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袁廷璧, 纳日苏, 常青, 杨新军, 张广兴   

  1. 国电锅炉压力容器检验有限公司 北京 102209
  • 收稿日期:2018-06-19 修回日期:2018-11-13 出版日期:2019-06-20 发布日期:2019-06-20
  • 通讯作者: 袁廷璧(通信作者),男,1982年出生,博士,高级工程师。主要研究方向为金属材料无损检测新技术、激光光谱分析。E-mail:ziyu8271@163.com
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High Temperature Aging TP347HFG Steel by Nonlinear Ultrasonic Detection Technology

YUAN Tingbi, NA Risu, CHANG Qing, YANG Xinjun, ZHANG Guangxing   

  1. Guodian Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspection Co., Ltd., Beijing 102209
  • Received:2018-06-19 Revised:2018-11-13 Online:2019-06-20 Published:2019-06-20

摘要: 高温老化过程和早期损伤快速检测研究对TP347HFG这种脆性大,稳定扩展期短的奥氏体耐热钢非常重要。非线性超声技术对微纳米尺度缺陷敏感,在早期损伤检测方面具有极大的应用潜力。利用非线性超声技术得到材料热损伤程度与超声非线性系数之间的关系曲线,并根据材料的显微组织演变特征进行分析。结果显示,TP347HFG钢的超声非线性系数随时效时间的增加,首先在500 h时出现极大值点,然后单调增加,这种趋势与材料共格应变状态的形成和失去有关。试验结果为高温工况下TP347HFG钢非线性超声检测提供了理论依据。

关键词: TP347HFG, 超超临界机组, 非线性超声, 高温老化

Abstract: Study of high temperature aging process and early damage is meaningful to TP347HFG steel due to its large brittleness and short stable expansion period. Nonlinear ultrasonic technology is sensitive to micro and nano scale damages and it has great applied potency in early damage examination.which limitted by its mechanism. The quantative analysis between aging time and Nonlinear ultrasonic coefficient is described and the mechanism is discussed based on the microstructure characteristics of aging steel samples. The results show that, with the increasement of aging time, the Nonlinear ultrasonic coefficient has a maximum point at 500 h and then increased monotonically. The tendency could be due to the formation and loss of coherency strain. The results provides a theoretical basis for nonlinear ultrasonic detection of TP347HFG steel under high temperature conditions.

Key words: high temperature aging, nonlinear ultrasonic wave, TP347HFG, ultra-supercritical unit