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›› 1981, Vol. 17 ›› Issue (3): 1-14.

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  1. 加利福尼亚大学
  • 发布日期:1981-06-01



  1. Professor of Civil Engineering University of California, Berkeley
  • Published:1981-06-01

摘要: 在美国,由于廉价的小型计算机和微处理机的出现,在结构分析中昂贵的大型计算机的使用正在受到挑战。但是,由于缺乏软件,这种新设备还未被充分利用。本文的目的之一是总结当前现有的小型计算机系统和他们在结构分析与设计中可能的应用。本文的另一个目的是描写用于结构分析的一个新的计算机程序系列的功能及内部程序组织。我们将程序段设计成都对一个共同的数据库管理系统进行运算,且可在微型或大型计算机上执行,将程序组织的使用轮廓法(profile)、外在的方程求解器,具有子结构的选择自由。动力分析和非线性分析的功能限于最后一级的子结构分析。此外,在设计中使用了高阶等参元和适合的网格加密,从而消除了在产生和验证网格时伴随而来的许多题问。得到的结论是,中国的工程师们具有独有的机会来直接利用这些新的东西,因为他们尚未浪费大量的时间去学习、使用过时的程序,从而可以着手致力于新事物,有效地使用新的廉价的计算机装备。

Abstract: In the Uniled states the use of expensive main-frame Computers in structural analysis is being challenged by the availability of inexpensive minicomputers and microprocessors. However, the use of this new equipment has not been fully exploited due to the lack of software. One of the purpose of this paper is to summarize the currently available small computer systems and their potential use in the design and analysis of structures. Another purpose of the paper is to describe the capabilities and internal program organization of a new series of computer programs for structural analysis.. The program segments are designed to operate with a Common data base management system and are executable on micro or large mainframe computers, The program is organized for use with a profile, out-of core, .equation -solver with a substructure option; Dynamic and nonlinear analysis capabilities are restricted to the final level of substructure analysis Also, the use of higher order isoparometric elements and adaptive mesh refinement are designed to eliminate many of the problems which have been associated with mesh generation and verification. It is concluded that Engineers in china have an unigve opportunity to immediately utilize thesenew developments. Since they have not made. A large commitment. Of time learning the use of obsolute programs, it will be possible to start new development efforts which will effectivelyuse new, inexpensive computer equipment.