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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2013, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (9): 178-183.

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  1. 聊城大学汽车与交通工程学院;山东大学生命科学学院;山东大学机械工程学院
  • 发布日期:2013-05-05

Process Optimization of Biomass Cushion Packaging Products and Its Properties

GUO Anfu;LI Jianfeng; LI Fangyi; ZHAO Jian;LÜ Yu   

  1. School of Automobile & Transportation Engineering, Liaocheng University School of Life Science, Shandong University School of Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University
  • Published:2013-05-05

摘要: 生物质类缓冲包装制品相关性能研究是目前国内外生物质类产品研究的热点。采用正交试验方法研究生物质缓冲包装材料上模温度、下模温度、干燥时间和保压时间等成形工艺条件对材料拉伸强度的影响,结果表明:各因素对材料拉伸强度影响的主次顺序:上模温度>干燥时间>下模温度>保压时间,材料最佳成形工艺条件为上模温度235 ℃、下模温度230 ℃、干燥时间45 s和保压时间50 s,其拉伸强度达1.98 MPa;研究上模温度、干燥时间对材料的缓冲性能的影响,随着上模温度和干燥时间的增加,材料的缓冲系数呈现先降低后又增大的趋势,在上模温度为235 ℃、干燥时间为50 s时,材料的缓冲系数最小,缓冲性能最好;与发泡聚苯乙烯 (EPS)和发泡聚乙烯 (EPE)等包装材料力学性能和缓冲性能的比较表明生物质缓冲包装材料完全可以替代EPS和EPE等缓冲包装材料。

关键词: 发泡成形, 缓冲包装材料, 力学性能, 生物质

Abstract: Biomass materials are the best substitute for those made of plastic packaging materials in the world, widespread application of these materials can control or eliminate the increase of white pollution problem effectively in the world. The process conditions of the biomass cushion packaging material, such as up mold temperature, down mould temperature, dry time and the holding time etc, are studied by using orthogonal test method. The results show that the biomass cushion packaging material had the maximum tensile strength 1.98 MPa under the process conditions of up mold temperature 235 ℃, down mould temperature 230 ℃, dry time 45 s and the holding time 50 s. As increase of the up temperature and the drying time, the cushioning coefficient presents firstly decreases and then increases, the cushioning coefficient reached minimum under the process conditions of up mold temperature 235℃ or the holding time 50 s. Compared with the conventional plastic packaging materials, the biomass cushion packaging materials has the advantages of good strength and cushioning property. So it is the best substitute of the plastic products.

Key words: Biomass, Foaming, Mechanical properties, Packaging materials