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  • ISSN:0577-6686

›› 2013, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (24): 108-116.

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  1. 同济大学汽车学院;东京大学生产技术研究所
  • 发布日期:2013-12-20

Review of Dynamic Research for NVH Problems Related to Automotive Driveline

WU Guangqiang;LUAN Wenbo   

  1. Automotive School, Tongji University Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
  • Published:2013-12-20

摘要: 总结汽车传动系相关NVH问题的难点,典型振动、噪声现象的特征及产生机理和国内外研究进展,介绍传动系噪声、振动与声振粗糙度(Noise, vibration and harshness, NVH)动力学问题的主要研究内容及路线。从仿真和试验的角度展开论述:在仿真研究中,详细分析系统动力学、多体动力学、结构动力学模型及系统、结构动力学混合模型的四种传动系力学模型及其各自的特点,总结建模所使用的坐标与坐标系,并针对传动系NVH问题的动力学研究,从定量与定性两个方面总结主要的仿真研究方法;在试验研究中,介绍试验研究的主要内容、数据处理的方法及试验的主、客观评价方法。

关键词: 动力学模型, 汽车传动系, 声振粗糙度, 噪声, 振动

Abstract: Difficulties, characteristics and mechanism of several typical NVH problems related to automotive driveline, advances in present overseas and domestic researches are concluded in this paper. The prime research contents and routes of vehicle driveline NVH problems are also introduced. The discussions are unfolded from two aspects of simulation and experiment. Aiming at dynamic research of NVH problems related to automotive driveline, the characteristics of four mechanical models which are systematic dynamics model, multi-body dynamics model, structural dynamics model, systematic and structural dynamics hybrid model are analyzed in detail, coordinates and reference systems used in modeling and the main simulation quantitative and qualitative research methods are also reviewed in simulation. Meanwhile, research contents, signal processing methods, subjective and objective assessment are presented briefly in experiment research aspect.

Key words: Driveline of automotive, Dynamic model, Harshness, Noise, Vibration