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张涛涛, 从强, 任晗, 郭一竹   

  1. 北京空间飞行器总体设计部 北京 100094
  • 收稿日期:2020-07-20 修回日期:2020-12-07 出版日期:2021-04-05 发布日期:2021-05-25
  • 通讯作者: 张涛涛(通信作者),男,1989年出生,博士研究生。主要研究方向为航天器结构设计。E-mail:zhangtaotao@buaa.edu.cn@buaa.edu.cn

Folding and Stiffness Analysis for Thin-walled Deployable Boom

ZHANG Taotao, CONG Qiang, REN Han, GUO Yizhu   

  1. Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering, Beijing 100094
  • Received:2020-07-20 Revised:2020-12-07 Online:2021-04-05 Published:2021-05-25

摘要: 大变形薄壁可展收复合材料结构由于其良好的力学性能和折展功能,适用于空间探测领域。针对空间豆荚杆可展收结构,开展了不同构型参数、不同铺层方式下的豆荚杆刚度及稳定性分析。通过悬臂豆荚杆的弯曲与扭转试验验证了数值模型的正确性。采用显式非线性分析方法,对豆荚杆盘卷收拢过程进行了准静态数值模拟。结果分析表明,豆荚杆截面半径越小,铺层厚度越厚,收拢过程的应力水平越大;盘卷的卷筒直径越小,收拢过程的应力水平越大。分析结果为空间可展收豆荚杆的设计提供了理论依据。

关键词: 纤维增强复合材料, 豆荚杆, 刚度, 收展过程, 力学分析

Abstract: Thin-walled deployable composite structures with high deformability are of considerable interest and increasingly used in aerospace field due to their superior mechanical behaviour and folding function. The stiffness and stability for the space thin-walled deployable composite boom are analysed with different configuration parameters and layup. The numerical model is demonstrated through experimental bending and torsion tests of cantilever boom. The quasi static folding process is numerical simulated used explicit non-linear method. Analysis results show that the boom section radius is smaller and the layup is thicker, the stress level of boom is greater during folding process. The drum diameter is smaller, the stress level of boom is greater during folding process. Analysis results provide a reference basis for thin-walled composite boom and winding institutional design.

Key words: fibre reinforced composite, thin-walled boom, stiffness, folding process, mechanical analysis