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  1. 南京航空航天大学能源与动力学院 南京 210016
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Research Progress on Kind of Non-pneumatic Mechanical Elastic Safety Wheel

ZHAO Youqun   

  1. College of Energy and Power Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016
  • Received:2018-06-27 Revised:2019-02-21 Online:2020-12-20 Published:2020-02-18

摘要: 轮胎是汽车与路面之间接触并产生相互作用的唯一媒介,直接影响着汽车的操纵稳定性、行驶安全性及乘坐舒适性等。然而,传统充气轮胎往往存在爆鼓、爆胎、泄气以及胎压不稳等安全隐患,严重影响汽车行使的安全性。为此,提出安全车轮基本概念,概述安全车轮的发展现状,阐述机械弹性安全车轮的结构和原理;介绍机械弹性安全车轮的数值计算模型、简化解析模型,以及相应的机械弹性安全车轮的垂向力、纵向力、侧向力、侧偏特性、侧倾特性、动态特性、响应特性、牵引特性、包容特性等的计算,和台架或者装车试验验证;研究结果揭示了机械弹性安全车轮的基本特性,为机械弹性安全车轮的研发与推广应用奠定一定的理论基础,期望促进非充气安全车轮的发展。

关键词: 主动安全, 安全车轮, 轮胎力学, 机械弹性安全车轮, 研究进展

Abstract: Tire is the only medium of contact and interaction between vehicle system and road surface, which directly affects the handling stability, driving safety and ride comfort of vehicle system. However, traditional pneumatic tires often have some hidden dangers, such as drum burst, tire burst, exhaust and unstable tire pressure, which seriously affect the safety of vehicle operation. The basic concept of run-flat tire (RFT) is defined, and the present research status of RFT and the practical significance of developing RFT are summarized. The structure and principle of the non-pneumatic mechanical elastic safety wheel (MES-wheel) are expounded, respectively. These models, including numerical calculation models and simplified analytical models, are introduced. Moreover, the various characteristics of MES-wheel, including the vertical force, longitudinal force, lateral force, cornering properties, camber performance, dynamic performance, response characteristic, tractive characteristic and enveloping properties were presented; the bench test and vehicle test are carried out to validate the results of the simulating calculation. The research results revealed the basic characteristics of MES-wheel. The MES-wheel is put forward, which established the basic theory to study and promote the idea of RFT developing during automotive field. Hopefully, it can boost the development of non-pneumatic safety wheel in the future.

Key words: active safety, RFT, tire mechanics, mechanical elastic safety wheel, present state and perspective