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訾斌, 周斌, 钱森   

  1. 合肥工业大学机械工程学院 合肥 230009
  • 出版日期:2017-04-05 发布日期:2017-04-05
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Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Cable Parallel Manipulator for Dual Automobile Cranes during Luffing Motion

ZI Bin, ZHOU Bin, QIAN Sen   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009
  • Online:2017-04-05 Published:2017-04-05



关键词: 变幅角响应, 动力学建模, 双台汽车起重机系统, 虚功原理, 柔索并联装备


Compared with single crane, cable parallel manipulators for dual automobile cranes (CPMDAC) can be treated as a dual automobile cranes system (DACS) that composed of two automobile cranes and payload, which can realize two-dimensional translations alongY, Z-axis and one-dimensional rotation aboutX-axis. The luffing angular response equation of the system is deduced based on inverse solution method, then the kinematic Jacobian matrix of the system is obtained. Based on the kinematic Jacobian matrix, the partial derivative speed matrices and acceleration matrices of hinged points, lifting arms and payload are derived. The dynamics model of the DACS is established on the basis of the principle of virtual work and kinematic relation matrices, the simulation of dynamics of the DACS with structure parameters is implemented by using Matlab software. A numerical example of the effect of structure parameters on system driving torque is given, which proves the presented method to be effective.

Key words: dual automobile cranes system, dynamic modeling, luffing angular response, principle of virtual work, cable parallel manipulator